A Day in Cambridge

I'm stumbling upon so many beginnings---words I started, but never finished, photographs gathered but never shared. My heart swells with the intense wave of nostalgia that threatenes to overwhelm me, but I embrace it. I am an enneagram four afterall, and my heart all but bathes in the feeling. Victor Hugo once said that "melancholy is the happiness of being sad."  That's what finding these memories is to me--a joyful sadness. And I'm thankful for it, because it means I lived, I loved, and things came to an end. And I find that endings can be beautiful too, for it's only in the ending that you truly see what you had.  

camm38 (1 of 1).jpg

What I had was joy, friendship, a broadening of my world.  I had laughter and missed trains and a thousand pieces of art. And I had stories.  Stories I'll be telling for the rest of my life, with a wistful smile and a heart full of wonder at the fact I got to experience all of this before my twenty-first year. This world is a crazy, beautiful place and my heart will always be caught up in remembering it.