A Sunny Day in Cambridge // March 2017

Blue skies are rare in Cambridge and when the sun comes out to play, so does everyone else.  Peyton and I decided a long walk was the perfect way to spend the day.  We started by walking through our favorite college, St. Johns.  I would be the happiest of people if I could walk through this place every single day of my life.  

Our next stop was the market.  It was Monday and I had a date with my friend, Angelo who makes his own pasta.  For the last four Mondays I was in Cambridge, I bought lunch from him and we talked about everything from his homeland to LaLaLand and Fred Astaire.  The friendship I forged with Angelo is one of the most precious memories that I have from Cambridge, and though I will probably never see Angelo again, I will always remember his kindness to both me and every single person he met.  Meeting Angelo made me into a better person.  It also made me love pasta even more than I did before. 

The market is the centerpiece of community in Cambridge.  Old men come and buy flowers, children ride their scooters, couples buy their groceries, musicians croon, and people from all different backgrounds come together to enjoy the day.  My dream in life will always be to live in a town with a market that runs all year long.  There is something so incredibly beautiful about markets. 

I took this on my way to my room in the RCH and every time that I see it I get emotional.