I was in Dublin for less than 24 hours and a good portion of my time was spent trying to find Irish dancing and searching for a very specific mural.  Though I never found a place with Irish dancing, I did find the mural and I did hear Wagonwheel at least three times.  The Irish really love country music.  Honestly, they could give any Southerner a run for their money with their country music love. 

dublin27 (1 of 1).jpg

A fun fact about Dublin is that the government funds the mural and graffiti scene.  There's an incredible mural around every corner. If you pay enough attention you'll see little social statements scattered in corners and on light posts.  Honestly, I found it really incredible. 

This was by far one of my favorite moments I captured on the street.  I loved the punk rock mixed with classical.  Ireland is such a mixture of genres and styles and I'm just a really big fan. 

Until next time Dublin.