It's been over a year since I visited Galway and my heart is still just as attached to its winding streets and colorful doors as it was on day one.  The people, musicians on the street, flowers vendors, the coastline--I'm in love with all of it.  

It was the first city I wandered alone.  The city where I heard the only Irish song I knew sitting in a corner room of a pub.  The city where I spend an absurd amount of time looking for the perfect postcard.  The city where I stumbled upon a beached boat and found a small Irish flag I tucked in my pocket and carried with me for the rest of the trip.  

Galway is double knotted to my heart and no amount of time or distance will ever dislodge it. 

And as I sit here in a Starbucks in East Tennessee my heart reaches out to remember the time I wandered the streets of Galway.  And I am full of the joyful nostalgia that flows out of thankfulness.  Oh, what I life I get to live.