Keswick, The Lake District

Freshman year I took Recent American History with Dr. Barnett and he very swiftly became my favorite and most impactful college professor.  He always welcomed me into his office and even gave me a recommendation for this trip.  His class changed my view on history and teaching and I owe a lot to him.  

In his class he spent some time talking about Wordsworth and his favorite place: the lake district.  He told us about how every year he takes his students to the lake district and after dinner whomever wants to walks out to some benches on the lake.  The catch is that you have to be absolutely silent.  Dr. Barnett caught my imagination and the imaginations of every student who has ever had his class with his description of this special unspoiled place.  I knew I had to see what he had told me about.  

As I came through the trees I was overwhelmed.  It was beautiful and the wind grabbed my hair and drops of water settled on my face.  There was something so entirely special about getting to see this place that I had heard so much about.  It was a moment I will always remember, and in August I will tell Dr. Barnett about it and thank him for all his stories taught me.  I will thank him for feeding my imagination and most of all, for believing in me.