I live and breathe moments.  My eye is drawn to them and my heart is stirred by them.  That means that what I create is a little different and a little out there and not always predictable, and it may not be what you’re looking for—and that’s okay.  In order to make something truly magical, we have to get each other---to be so comfortable in each other's presence and vision that moments flow from us.  You have to love what I create, and I have to love who you are.  So, tell me why we’d be a perfect match (like popcorn and Netflix kind of perfect) and let’s blow this taco stand—but first let’s eat a taco, k?  ‘Cause, you know, taco stands.

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tell me about yourself. what makes you wake up in the morning? Who do you love? How did you meet? What weird thing do you just love? Tell me everything!