Molly: A Portrait of Friendship

I've known Molly for a little over a year now, and she has become one of my favorite people.  She is a world traveler, acquiring languages at the rate I acquire junk from Goodwill, and the only person I know who literally spends every penny she's got on plane tickets and books.  Her intense desire to see and know inspires me to the core.  She's not into dressing up or shopping all day but can get lost and found again like nobody's business.  If you want to go on an adventure, she's the girl you call at a drop of a hat and she'll be in.  


Her hands are always full of little finds: leaves, feathers, pebbles, or glass. 

She understands that silence is beautiful, and that words hold power, and that one must never lose their wonder---but most of all, Molly knows what she wants, and her whole heart cries out for it in such a way that you understand that she knows who she is and what she's about.  Not in such a way that her whole life is planned, but in the way that she values things.  People and experiences are what she craves, and her passion is at the forefront of everything she does.  

This is the first of what I hope will be many posts in my A Portrait of Friendship series.  I want to show the world the people that I live life with and the friends who inspire me to create a good story.  You need to know them,  and so I will endeavor to show them to you.  I only pray I can  capture accurately who they are and what they mean to me.