Portland: In Books and Food

In October I got to fly to Portland for SocalityPDX and when I wasn't surrounded by hundreds of picture-snapping-Instagram-lovers, I was wandering the city with my mom and my niece, Kenzie.  Two words can define my favorite experiences: books and food.  

If you are in Portland you pretty much cannot miss Powell's Books.  It's literally every bookstore you've ever been in smashed into one giant maze of books.  Basically, heaven. 

If you're ever in Portland, you absolutely have to go to Lardo's and eat copious amounts of amazing fries.  I still dream about those fries---and I'm not kidding.  It's even an experience just sitting there and watching the customers.

The Salt & Straw is one of the greatest experiences in ice cream history.  Every person gets to sample any and every one of the flavors of homemade ice cream on silver spoons---and with flavors like

Pear & Blue Cheese


Almond Brittle With Salted Ganache

how could you go wrong?  Yes, I know that probably sounds way too strange to be ice cream, but it's amazing. My personal favorite was

Honey Lavender

.  It's swoon worthy in my book. 

Have you been to Portland?  What was your favorite part?