A Portrait of Friendship // Amber

I met Amber a few weeks ago when she was looking to move into the apartment in my family's backyard.  Within moments I knew that I would like her.  Amber has an infectious personality that leaves you laughing and breathless, and she has a way of bringing Jesus into every aspect of her life.  In one of our conversations about how my family came to live in our house, she told me "Jesus knew in ten years I would need a place to stay and he gave you that house for me."  I thought it was such a heartfelt and beautiful way to continually look at everything Jesus does in our lives and praise him for it.  


Amber also graduated from the school that I'm planning on going to in the fall.  She gave me all the ins and out of college life on the Lee campus and told me some pretty entertaining stories as well.  Basically, she made me even more excited for college than I was before!


Now Amber is off on her next adventure, but I cannot wait until she gets back so we can hang out again.  Plus, she's literally the perfect model so I'm probably going to steal her and her boyfriend for a shoot at some point! 


This is the second installment in my A Portrait of Friendship series.  If you missed the first post you can find it here.