Canoes in the Morning

Monday morning found me pulling out of my driveway, bleary eyed and mostly-awake, to meet some friends for an impromptu sunrise canoe trip.  In the semi-dark we carried the canoes to the waters edge and we pushed off. Our laughter collided with the left over night air, shattering it---and morning came.  It did not come with a beautiful sunrise like we had hoped, but with clouds and birdsong and the gentle sound of canoes slicing through water.  Beauty.

Leah came prepared with watermelon and she carried it like a treasure, carefully and full of intense happiness.  She is our watermelon girl.  Shades and layers of contrasting color and beauty are the making of her soul. 

Molly was our fry master, brandishing her cast-iron pans (and  quoting Tangled of course).   She made us breakfast with the ease of woman in her element, with the same passion with which she approaches every moment in her life.

When the rain started we packed up and pushed off.  We paddled back, the rain making gentle slapping sounds all around us, our laughter riding the waves to a stranger's ears, and our hearts rejoicing in the simpleness of it all. 

I hope you enjoyed this collection of images from our sunrise excursion.  I can't imagine a better group of people (I call them my crew) to wake up early to be with.  Do you have friends like that?  What kind of (early morning) adventures have you had lately?