Socality PDX

In October I hopped on a plane to Portland to go to SocalityPDX.  Socality is a movement that uses social media, specifically Instagram, to unite people all across the globe to use their skills and talents to create community and spread the message of love: of Jesus Christ.  I first heard of the movement when it started a year ago, and when they announced their conference in Portland I knew I had to try and go.  


I walked into the conference with several hundred strangers that desired community with the same intensity that I did and walked out with friends (also a bajillion pictures).  On the last day of the conference, we all gathered on buses and settled back for the drive to Cannon Beach.  


Now. Let me accurately paint a picture of the Portland weather that greeted us there.  Imagine pouring rain, 60 mile an hour winds, and something like a sandstorm.  That is what hundreds of shutter happy creatives ran into.  And let me tell you, we had a blast.  We battled the winds, and held our plastic wrapped cameras inside our coats between shots, and laughed until we couldn't breathe.  It was magnificent.

This is Sunny Golden.  I know, her name is literally perfection and she embodies it so well.  I was overwhelmed walking into a room with so many fantastic photographers and Sunny made me feel right at home.  And on top of that, she's gloriously comfortable and gorgeous in front of the camera.  I can truly say I have never wanted to visit Hawaii more than have since the moment I met Sunny.  

This is Loren Burgess, photographer, GIF lover, and one of the most fabulous people I know.  I believe that when you're surrounded by such a large group of people you migrate towards the hearts you need most, and this girl had that kind of heart.  Her friendship has been one of the greatest blessing that came from SocalityPDX.

These were only a few of the the people I was able to meet while I was in Portland but hopefully these few give you a sense of the remarkable friendships that came from it.  Perhaps it will even inspire you to get involved.


This movement sparked my love for community from a single flame into a fire and it amazes me to think of all the connections that I have made all over the country through a single movement, a single Instagram hashtag: Socality.