twenty fifteen

Twenty fifteen was a year of transition.  A year of closing chapters and setting them aside to make room for the one I was about to write.  I learned what independence was and what home was not.  I stumbled into new friendships and fell out of some old ones.  And I started scratching the surface of who I am, discovering the ins and outs of my heart.  It was a year of beauty, but now it's time to usher 2015 out and start anew.


I fell more in love with Instameets and people.


I had two weeks of snow days with my favorites.


I shot my all time favorite styled shoot and made some new friends.


I went early morning canoeing and photographed my first proposal.


My brother got married and I got to capture it.  
I graduated high school and family time was precious. 


We wandered the West and talked to strangers.


I danced in the streets of New Orleans.


I hosted a Campstameet.
I went to college and I worked with the Clarion for the first time.


I photographed Lacey Caroline for her single Girl Like You.
I met my friends for the first time in September.


I made a vision reality with these two, Tevas, smoke bombs, and an abandoned building.
We went to the mountains and watched the lights flicker on in the city.


Brynna and I went on adventures.
I went home for Thanksgiving.


I said goodbye to my first semester by climbing abandoned buildings with my friends.  These memories I hold in my hands like precious stones.
I went home for Christmas and learned that home isn't made of bricks, it's made of roots.

And now, with a barrage of confetti and prayers, twenty sixteen is here.  I have a good feeling about this one.