Kayla // Passions

I've known Kayla since I was a kid and recently we've reconnected over our mutual love of photography.  Kayla is one of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals I know.  She's an encourager, a believer in a healthy life (yay vegan), and not afraid to be a little crazy and show the world who she is inside.  And that's what this shoot was all about.  Kayla being completely and utterly herself while fully immersed in doing what she loves.  We had an absolute blast making these images, from a mom-and-pop farmer's market to throwing flour all over the kitchen, and all I can say is this shoot was one for the books.   

Who knew Food Cities' produce section would be so great for pictures?  Not me!  Anyone else interested in having an entire shoot in the grocery store?  

Off to make yummy things and make messes in the kitchen.

Note: they were even better than they look. 

Stretch, run, repeat.

This just makes me want to do a ton of product photography, you feel? 

Check out Kayla's blog A Fitness Witness to see her photography, fitness and health tips, and a ton of other cool things!