Vindagua // Fall 2017

I've had the honor of working for Vindagua, Lee University's yearbook turned biannual magazine, for the past two years.  I'm borderline obsessed with the publication and everyone who works on it.  I genuinely love working there.  This semester's issue focused on yesterday (Lee celebrates 100 years in January) and the next on today.  I hope you enjoy this little peek in the sunlight.  

vindagua day-1-42.jpg
vindagua day-1-30.jpg
vindagua day-1-43.jpg
vindagua day-1-44.jpg
vindagua day-1-36.jpg
vindagua day-1-33.jpg
vindagua day-1-37.jpg
vindagua day-1-38.jpg

If you'd like to see more of my work for Vindagua, hop on over here to see a selection of work from last fall's issue.