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I would like to introduce you all to my friend, Allison.  I met Allison in tap class as a kid and though we fell out of touch for most of high school we've managed to run into each other quite a few times since starting college.  Allison is an incredible musician (check her out on Soundcloud for some great vibes) and a true style icon.  Seriously, she pulls off everything and her look is so distinctly hers.  Basically she's perfect.  

These Clarks are actually the best shoes.  Seriously, I'm in love with them. 

These Clarks are actually the best shoes.  Seriously, I'm in love with them. 

Well, on a whim I posted on Instagram saying I wanted to do a high fashion shoot but I didn't really expect anyone to be interested.  Allison messaged me and suggested we shoot the next morning.  So, with zero plan and two cars full of random things like benches, mirrors, various assortments of period clothing, and plenty of camera gear we took to the town.  And by the town I mean the most shot location in Morristown: downtown.  I challenged myself to use a location I generally hate shooting in simply because it's the home of every senior shoot since forever.  I'm trying to force myself to see the good light or angles in any situation.  And was I ever in love with what we made.  Allison is a dream to shoot and it was a lot more like an artist collaboration than any other shoot I've had.  But I need to stop babbling and let you see what we made!  I hope you enjoy our collaboration as much as we do.  

How perfect is this jumpsuit I snagged from Goodwill a few weeks ago?  Seriously one of the best $6.00 purchases of my summer.  

A few weeks ago I went on a hunt for sunflowers and came up with a field of dead stalks.  Ironically, there was a patch of sunflowers hiding downtown all along.  

Y'all, Allison has so much power and presence and she slayed everything about this location. I was basically screaming the entire time I was editing them because I love them so much. 

If Dirty Dancing was recast and Baby was a redhead, I would cast Allison to play her hands down.  

This cute lil dress is also a recent Goodwill find.  It's super precious and every time I wear it I start singing the Easter Bonnet song from Holiday Inn

This little ensemble was all Allison.  Seriously, you all should go check out her Instagram just to see her style sometime. 

And that's a wrap!  If you made it all the way to the end, I love you the most.  Please leave comments, share, or pin if you enjoyed anything we made.  And hop on over to Allison's Instagram and Soundcloud and leave her some love while you're at it!  

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