the ones i love


"So look for the people who understand you. Don't stop until you find them. And when you find them, take care of them.  Always keep thanking them.  Always keep them close. Let them buy plane tickets to see you. Let them talk crazy. Let them go.  When they need to go out there in the world and see what it has for them, let them go.  Commit their birthdays to memory. Show up with soup. Celebrate them on their biggest and worst days. Keep an open invitation always on the table that simply says, You are welcome on my couch, you and all your issues, at any time. Push them. Spur them on. Believe in them on the day they come to you and whisper, 'I don't know what I want.'"
-Hannah Brencher-

You are those people for me. I will try my best to be that person for you. Love always,