2017: A Self Portrait

Sometimes it snows and the light through your window is lovely.  Remember to look for that.  Sometimes donning lipstick makes you feel brave.  Remember that it's okay to use that to show yourself of how brave you can be.  Sometimes ordinary things are the best kind of things.  Remember to always look for the ordinary.  Sometimes you listen to a song and it makes you want to create something.  Don't let business keep you from making.  Make. Make. Make.  

 This right here, this is me.  

This right here, this is me.  

And sometimes you use photoshop to make yourself into the succulent queen even though we all know perfectly well your succulents are dying in the next room and you don't know how to save them.  It's okay to try again.  Or find another kind of plant. 

These are the first photos of 2017.  Please hold these reminders dear.  You're going to do so many marvelous things. 

Just trying my best to hold onto feelings in the heart of Tennessee.