Hey there! I’m Tessa aka your friendly, NEIGHBORHOOD photographer

I’m a 22 year-old from the mountains of Tennessee just trying to figure out what life post-grad looks like and hoping another meal from Dos Bros is in my future. Instagram is my jam & my day job. Three random facts: I’m an occasional hand model for Mayfield Dairy, I lived in Cambridge, UK for three months, and I think yellow is the happiest color in the world.

taken by Hannah Morgan Photography

taken by Hannah Morgan Photography

I’m a huge fan of photographing people, concerts, and loveeee aka YOU. I’m all about capturing your story as it’s happening, freezing time so your grandkids can look back and see exactly how cool you were and how much joy was in your heart. I’m all about getting down on the dance floor with my brides and doing whatever it takes to capture the emotion of the moment.

This life is flashing by—let’s make it stop for a little while.


I’m a big fan of dancing in the streets and on the sidewalks and on the dance floor and in the grocery store. And anywhere else too.