I am Tessa Voccola,

a twenty-one-year-old adventurer from Tennessee.  I’m currently causing a ruckus at Lee University and loving every second of it.  You can usually find me in a funky outfit talking about my obsession with cheese and holding a collection of leaves in my hand.  I’m in love with the cities of Cambridge and Galway, the color yellow, Sleeping At Last, and mountain adventures.  My family makes my heart sing and I refuse to pass up any chance to dance.  If you think I'm kidding about that last one---I'm not.  

 Photograph by  Mitchell Hartley

Photograph by Mitchell Hartley

 Photograph by  Brynna Grae  

Photograph by Brynna Grae 

I am a storyteller.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  

And all I want is to capture stories, to hold them in my hands and give the tangible evidence of their happening to you.  Magical ones, heart wrenching ones, small ones.  I want them all.  I hope you want them too.  After all, only photographs and books can hold stories like flypaper.  I hope you'll feel comfortable with letting me close enough to capture yours, because your story deserves to be remembered.